About the Company

At Bill Roland Custom Outdoor Living, our specialty is custom unique projects that require a hands-on approach, and a high attention to detail.

We take great pride in designing and delivering truly one-of-a-kind, custom handcrafted products.

Our goal is always to exceed customer expectations and create a unique space that will be enjoyed for years.

About Bill

Hi, I’m Bill Roland, 55 years young, and a retired Naval Aviator and Airline Pilot who loves to build stuff. I earned an art scholarship out of high school and learned a little about design as an Industrial Design major in college.

After that, I went off to fly for a while and to start a family. My wife Amy is my best friend and business partner; she is also the voice of reason and opposite opinion needed to make these projects amazing.

My passion for what I do comes from my passion for art and to design and create things that are unique and one of a kind. As a father and husband, I find my motivation in my family life, I have 2 daughters and 3 dogs, all a handful in their own right – but so much fun to watch and be with. My wife and I decided years ago to balance family life and work, and to keep our company small – focusing on the small niche of truly custom outdoor and indoor living.

When we are working on your project, you will see me there with my crew as I’m very hands-on and dedicated to my craft and your ultimate enjoyment of your living space once completed.